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Serving the Women and Children Rape Survivors of Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo


Supplies Over Seas, Helping Hand for Survivors Executive Director Kashoro Nyenyezi and Dr. Jean Claude are working together to provide critically needed medical care for women and children who have been victimized by rape and sexual assault in the Bukavu region of Democratic Republic of Congo.


In the Democratic Republic of Congo, the rape of children and women is a commonly used “weapon of war”. The victims and the unwanted children born out of rape are dying. The women and girls are suffering from HIV/AIDS, fistulas, bladder and intestinal damage, and infections. Due to cultural beliefs, rape victims are shunned by society and their families which pushes the victims and children into the deepest level of poverty with no support or access to healthcare.


The Burhinyi Central Hospital is in desperate need of supplies and equipment to serve the women and children of this region. Inadequate provisions require patients to sleep on the floor or share beds. The team is committed to providing these women and children, who have already suffered horrific abuse, with needed medical treatment.

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