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Serving The Lauren Dapice Maternal and Child Ward 



The Mama Sabina Community Health Centre is located in the Village of Kisebere and provides critically needed medical treatment for children and families living in this rural community. The area is particularly vulnerable to disease due to its remote location and lack of resources.

The centre was created with by Bishop Tom Kiiza Sibayirwa with a vision to improve on maternal-child health services by, “saving the lives of rural mothers and children” and serving all community members.  


Presently the clinic is only able to provide the most basic outpatient services, i.e. inoculations, assessments and de-worming for children. Completion of the maternal and children’s wards would allow inpatient services, such as labor and delivery, treatment of infections and other conditions that are more routine however that can lead to mortality if supportive medical services are not available.

This comprehensive project includes: Completing the construction of The Lauren Dapice Maternal and Child Ward, developing safe water resources for the clinic, bringing in resources such as solar panels, and providing the clinic with medical supplies and equipment


Bishop Tom founded and named The Mama Sabina Community Health Centre in honor of his mother. Upon learning more about the late daughter of Denise Sears, SOS CEO, who inspired so many with her spirit and compassion during her short 23 years, Bishop Tom surprised Denise by naming the ward after her daughter Lauren.

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